Technical specifications



Dimensions: 400 mm (L) x 200 mm (W)

Electrical Input Power: 230 VAC, 10 W

Foil Power:  24VDC @0.35A= 8,4 W

Foil’s Optical Luminous Flux: 860 lm (860 lm = 75W Traditional Bulb Lamb)

Correlated Color Temperature: 2700 – 6500K (5000K = Horizon daylight)

Color Rendering Index: >80 (100 = Perfect color reproduction)

Efficacy:  102 lm/W (100W Traditional Bulb Lamb = 13,8 lm/W)

Dimming Range (with external dimmer): 1%-100% Continuous

Number of leds, lay-out, led types (colours, RGB, manufacturer), sensors, solar cells, batteries etc can be modified and add onto LEDFOIL based on customer needs