Flexbright products

WP_20151029_13_12_53_Pro copyFlexbright hybrid LED-lighting foil has extremely high technical performance such as luminous power and efficiency. It is possible to manufacture on R2R printing and R2R bonding processes.

Trendsetter market solutions! Competing technical solutions at the moment typically utilise etched copper laminates on polyimide (PI) and reflow soldering process. Our solution is based on use of low cost polymer materials, such as PET, PEN, PC and utilisation of adhesive bonding process of LED devices. Competing technical solutions typically utilise packaged surface mount device (SMD) LEDs. Our solution is to utilise either chip scale packaged (CSP) LEDs or bare LED chips in lighting elements. Utilisation of bare chips and/or CSP LEDs enable us to manufacture thinner, lighter, more flexible and efficient lighting foil elements than existing competing solutions.


– Flexible R2R lighting elements with even light illumination

– Common lighting devices

– Integrated lighting modules

– Tailor made solutions based on hybrid technology


– Bonding in-organic LED chips on screen printed flexible substrates

– Integration of different kind of functional foil layers


– To be used when ultra thin, feather light, long lasting, energy saving and high illuminating lights are needed!