Press release 22.1.2016                                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Finnish textile giant Finlayson reinvents the light bulb – People’s light is a soft lamp that doesn’t break easily

Imagine a lamp without a light bulb. The People’s light is an exciting new textile product developed by Finnish textile heritage company Finlayson. The People’s light includes a LED embedded light film which lasts up to 100 000 hours. The lamp is light and can be folded flat, making it an ideal product for web stores and retailers.

The story of Finlayson began in 1820 in Tampere, Finland. Throughout its history, Finlayson has contributed to building Finnish society and well-being. The first electric lights in the Nordic countries were switched on in the Finlayson weaving hall in 1882. Today, Finlayson is one of the best known and most beloved Finnish textile brands: according to a study, in 90 per cent of all Finnish households you can find Finlayson products. Under new ownership, Finlayson continues to develop courageous and open-minded solutions to make everyday life better.

The People’s light is a lamp with no limits. It functions as a mood light, even in places where lamps have not previously been seen. The People’s light combines modern technology with the beloved patterns of Finlayson. Ideal for a child’s bedroom, the plug-in product is lightweight and doesn’t heat up – you can even hold it in your lap.

The People’s light was developed in cooperation by Finlayson, Aalto University graduates Thomas Welander, Vertti Sarimaa and Jaakko Nikkola, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Flexbright, a Finnish company specialized in led foils. The People’s light is the first consumer product to utilize LEDFOIL-technology.

“We want to challenge the way people see design products. A lamp doesn’t have to look like a lamp if the new design serves its purpose better. An important aspect that influenced the design of the People’s light was that it should be an ideal product for online stores. Due to it being flat when unassembled and light weighted, it can easily be shipped in an envelope anywhere in the world. When founded, Finlayson was the most courageous and open-minded company in the Nordics. We are bringing back that mindset,” says Jukka Kurttila, CEO of Finlayson.

The product displayed at Maison & Objet in Paris is a prototype of the product. The final product will be in stores in autumn 2016 and it will be available in various patterns. Finlayson already has development plans for the future, including the possibility of a cordless light and the LED lights being woven into the fabric. The suggested retail price of the People’s light will be around 70–90 euros. Product information:

  • Textile cover is made from 100 % cotton
  • The lamp includes a LED embedded light film which lasts up to 100 000 hours
  • Low-power light, doesn’t overheat, AC 230 V
  • All lamp parts have the CE-marking and are tested for product safety
  • The height of the lamp is 22 cm
  • Multiple options on design


Press Release 7.10.2015                                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Vibrant new Finnish start-up company Flexbright Ltd – which aims to revolutionise the world of lighting thanks to its ultra-thin LED light foils – has received an important investment from the Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials Centre of the Republic of Mordovia (NNCRM), which is part of the Russian-wide Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (FIEP Rusnano).

Founded only in 2013, Flexbright has already developed one of the most innovative products in lighting: LEDFOIL, in collaboration with the Technical Research Centre of Finland. The exciting new technology is based on R2R mass production capacity, massive lighting power, IoT capabilities, low energy consumption and most importantly of all, an ultra-thin flexible construction that is less than one millimetre thick.

The applications for this brand new lighting system are almost infinite: from industrial to commercial to domestic. As a result, this genuinely ground-breaking product has attracted significant Russian investment designed to take it to the next level.

Pekka Makkonen, managing director of Flexbright said: “We are delighted to receive investment from FIEP Rusnano. This investment truly demonstrates the commercial potential of not only our innovative product, but also the entire LED market. Our product LEDFOIL, can be used in a number of different industries from aerospace right through to interior design. With the lighting market being worth over €60 billion, we are very much looking forward to working with FIEP Rusnano to further develop our products in future.”

Ruslan Titov, managing director of FIEP Rusnano added: “This deal shows our commitment to both Flexbright and the new technology that the company is developing in the field of printed electronics. We believe that our investment is the most efficient way to transfer technologies through the development of a range of applications for the Russian market.”

Dmitry Krakhin, general director of NNCRM commented: “Mordovia has traditionally been the centre of the lighting industry in Russia and we have been closely following the technology from Flexbright for some time now. Together with Flexbright we are looking to develop a joint Research and Development Centre for flexible lighting technologies which will also focus on the development of supporting technologies and application designs for the commercial market.”

Atte Varsta, commercial director of Flexbright, concluded.  “Our LEDFOIL technology is truly unique and we believe that working with the Technical Research Centre of Finland and NNCRM is going to help our development and bring growth to the Oulu region of Northern Finland. We hope to inspire more Finnish start-up companies and other technological entrepreneurs, by setting an example of what can be achieved.”

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